Monday, 18 February 2013

Interview with Maria Mann - An ME Hero Who Saved My Life

Recently I had the chance to interview Maria Mann, author of the books Verity Red's Diary: A Story of Surviving ME and Love & Best Witches.  It was really important for me to interview Maria Mann and to publish her answers because Verity Red's Diary literally saved my life.

Back at the beginning of 2006 I was a complete wreck.  I had been ill for over 4 years and I had tried so many treatments to get better, but I was the most ill I had ever been.  I was lost, depressed, alone and just ready to give up.  Then I read Verity Red's Diary and it restored my hope.  I was so ill and felt like the victim of everyone's ignorance, the doctors included.  Some days I felt I was insane; how could I feel so ill and yet be receiving no help or understanding?  Everything felt wrong.  Then I read my experiences expressed so beautifully by Maria Mann and her Verity Red became the friend I so desperately needed.  

At that time in my life I thought I needed my old life back, or my health back, or even all my old friends back.  But looking back now, I realise that even if by some miracle I had gotten one or all three of them back, it wouldn't have helped the trauma I was going through.  What I needed more than anything was someone who understood my experiences.  By reading Verity Red's Diary I realised for the first time that there were other people out there like me and it changed my life.  It helped me to find other sufferers and I made some of the best friends I have ever had.  

I know there are people out there who feel like I did back then.  This is why I am so grateful for Maria Mann allowing me to interview her, because Verity Red has the power to help others, just like she helped me. 

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In the interview she talks about her own struggles with ME and also her inspirations for writing her books.  I think she is also an inspiration, after all, if she can have the same illness as me and write books and retain a sense of humour after everything she has been through, then so can I.  She is an example to us all.

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