Monday, 11 February 2013

I Heart London

I love living in London and I live right in the heart of this fabulous city.  However, my health has not allowed me to get out and about much recently so I had really been looking forward to getting out and seeing even a part of it with visitors to the city.  I haven't posted in a while and yep, it's because I've been extremely ill.  I got so worked up and anxious about meeting my friend and his girlfriend while he was in London that I actually made myself very ill; I wasn't able to meet up with him at all. I barely even got to speak to him on the phone.

On Saturday morning, after weeks and weeks I actually managed to venture out.  My partner and I will hopefully be moving home later this year and instead of leaving everything to the last minute which I physically am unable to do anyway, we decided to venture out each Saturday morning before the weekend rush and explore a different part of London to have has many options as possible when we start flat-hunting.

When I ventured out of the flat it was drizzling and cold; a typical February morning.  Perfect London weather.  The journey on the tube was eventful; there were the usual weekend closures but we finally managed to get to the Northern line and head up to our destination.  I was sitting there in a mostly empty carriage, feeling slightly light-headed and like I wasn't there, which is something that happens when I venture out after a long time.  All of a sudden there was movement in the corner of the carriage and there was a man on his knees.  He was throwing up in the corner of the carriage and at first I was concerned, after all it was morning and I thought he may be ill, but when the acrid smell of alcoholic vomit hit my nose all I remembered the lesson I learned at uni:  too many vodka and orange juices will make you puke.

Luckily the next stop was ours, so we didn't have to breathe in that stench for too long, but other than feeling slightly grossed out, I actually felt good as I stepped off that train.  In those few minutes I felt so normal and a part of the world.  I was just like any other Londoner, travelling around on the underground, pointedly not looking at some freak throwing up.  I even managed to walk around in North London a little, before I needed to head home; I didn't see anywhere I would like to live, but I managed to once again feel connected to this city that I love.  I also renewed my love for the area that I currently live in and while we'll continue to look in other parts of town, I'm hoping we'll find something here.  I may have had to spend two days in bed with sore legs and a painful back, but I've been happy and in love with the city of London once again. 

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