Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Duvet is a Girl's Best Friend...When She Has ME/CFS

Marilyn may have proclaimed that Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend but on a day like today it is a duvet that is my best friend.  These past few days I have been trying to think of all the things that I am grateful for in my life and number one on that list right now is my big, warm fluffy duvet.  

I wake up in the morning feeling safe and warm, nestled in the feathery goodness of my duvet.  I leave it to use the bathroom and get a hot drink, and am then welcomed back into the coziness, which promises to help me get through the day.  The temptation to sink down and allow the duvet goodness to envelope me is always there, but for the day it must only partially support and comfort me as I sit up and try to do some work and get some writing done.  It is better than any desk I could sit at and more conducive to work than any office could be.

Even when I leave it to eat, or shower or do any of the chores that need to be done, my duvet waits there, promising me comfort when I am ready to return.  You may think it is the bed that is the real friend, but a bed without a duvet just does not work, whereas any seat or bench is made infinitely better by the presence of a duvet.

When it is raining outside and I want to watch the world go by, I wrap myself in my duvet and we huddle, warm and cozy near the window.  It is the perfect time to watch the world, because for once they wish they were indoors in their duvet too, rather than the other way around.

Then when the day is done, and hopefully before the aches have set in and the fatigue monster has swallowed me whole, my versatile duvet embraces me once more.  As I rest beneath my duvet, I can let the day go; I made it through another day and I am warm and safe and snug.  During the night whether I sleep or lay awake, my duvet will be there, consoling and easing me while the rest of the world sleeps.  

It's why I say a duvet is a girl's best friend...well, when she has ME/CFS at least...my duvet helps me to get through my days.

Marilyn in Bed

Marilyn in Bed
Milton H. Greene
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