Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Bubblews Warning Label: Problems With Payments

Back in April I wrote a post titled Make Money with Bubblews for Doing No More Than You Would on Facebook or a Blog in which I was raving about Bubblews as a way to make money online.  I had been a member for one month then and all seemed great.  In fact, things were great there until a few weeks ago.  I had made about $200 dollars up until that date and not experienced any problems at all with payments.  Then, on 5th August I saw that I had reached the minimum needed to redeem payment so I sent my request through.  it is now 31st August and I still have not received payment nor have I received any communication from Bubblews.  I had heard that they had delayed payments, so I waited, but today I e-mailed them to enquire about the payment.  From what I've heard, I'll be lucky to get a response, but I thought I would go through the motions at least.  Here I plan to write what I believe the problems are with Bubblews.  It may be that you just write me off as a disgruntled user, complaining after not receiving one payment, but I honestly believe there are bigger problems than that.

Bubblews have a list of terms and conditions, but the main eight, as shown on each users' 'Bank' page are:

I haven't been online much since May as I've been very unwell, but some time since then number 8 was added.  I must admit that some of my posts do have links to other sites and articles I have written, but these were always added to cite sources or provide further information.  I have never used Bubblews to drive traffic to my other posts.  The only reason I can think for my payment being withheld is that Bubblews believe I have broken rule number 8.

But I have issues with this, these are mainly:

  1. At no time was I notified that this 8th rule was added.  Bubblews should send out an e-mail to all users advising them that there has been a change to the terms and conditions of use as other sites do.  It is not enough just to expect people to check; Squidoo and other sites make changes but they always send out e-mails and notifications.
  2. Between my eighth and ninth redemption I only wrote two posts which comply with all of these rules.  So if there was a problem, it is with a post I wrote earlier, for which they were happy to pay until they changed the rules.
  3. Even if there was a problem with one, two or even ten of my posts, there is no way that the full $25.06 that I was requesting was earned from those posts, so why withhold the full payment; why not just the earnings from the posts that broke the rules?
  4. They never advise you why payments are withheld, so even if you continue to write posts, you probably won't get paid because the problem still exists.
It is not just me that has encountered these kinds of problems; I have met many other writers on Bubblews who are experiencing the same thing.  They are good writers, who abide by the rules, but are now not being paid.  Like me, many people have given up on Bubblews at the very least until they can sort out these issues.  The most worrying thing I heard is that if you complain too much, they just delete your account, but I'm not sure how true that is.

I still believe that Bubblews is a great idea and a fabulous opportunity for bloggers/writers.  But I think they seriously need to get rid of those people that are just there to scam the system, while not penalising those that are genuine writers and raise the quality of the website.  They are obviously overwhelmed and do not have a system or the staff in place to deal with everything.

Anyway, I shall keep write an update as soon as I find out what is happening, but for now, I would urge people who decide to write on Bubblews to be aware of problems with payments.  I always believed and have said on several occasions that as long as you follow the rules on Bubblews you will get paid, but from what I have experienced, that no longer seems to be the case.

Have you experienced similar problems?


  1. I have this problem too. I donno, until they fix this, they won't become as big as Twitter or Facebook.

    1. I'm sorry you are also experiencing this issue. I fear if things continue this way, they will lose a lot of really good writers and just be left with the ones scamming the system.


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